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Leisure Activist Group Clothing

Leisure Activist Group Clothing

Photocredit: Glen Bowden

19 August 2013, Vancouver, Canada – Upcycle the Gyres Society (UpGyres) is pleased to share the crowdfunding campaign of Leisure Activist Group Clothing.

Leisure Activist Group originated as an educational charter company offering their top instructors as private guides for visiting Super-yachts in the South Pacific.

The specialized guiding service was for clients who wanted to get the most out of their stay in the Pacific Ocean and would engage us as a private coach for Surfing, Kiteboarding, Scuba Diving and for having a great deal of local knowledge and contacts.

The name came from us being “Activists of Leisure.”
After years of working amongst the different island nations, we found there was a massive need for local education on waste management and renewable energy sources.

Slowly but surely we closed down charters and guiding, and are no 100 % focused on our environmental work.

Leisure Activist Group is as an exciting new caused based brand, producing quality lifestyle clothing.
We utilize recycled PET bottles (rPET) as our raw product. That means that for every piece of clothing you buy, there will be less plastic waste polluting our oceans.

Through our work with Upcycle the Gyres Society we hope to close the loop in the supply of all our clothing with waste management systems WE implement on our next voyage. Which means you are supporting the ONLY clothing company who takes the steps to PERSONALLY direct waste plastic to revenue in the form of clothing and fuel.

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