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Canadian Plastics Industry Supports Marine Litter Prevention

Canadian Plastics Industry Supports Marine Litter Prevention

Photocredit: Patrick Kelly–Marine Photo Bank

28 August 2013, Vancouver, Canada – The Canadian Plastics Industry Association is expanding its support of projects to reduce marine litter in Canada.

CPIA will work with Upcycle the Gyres Society (UpGyres).

UpGyres comprises companies, environmentalists and inventors from around the world who promote the new industry of collecting marine litter and converting it into fuel. CPIA is working with UpGyres directors based in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

CPIA of Mississauga, Ontario, said it also supports PlasticShore, a federal non-profit organization for community engagement and education to reduce plastics pollution. PlasticShore is conducting a pilot project in Victoria, British Columbia, to recycle plastic marine litter into useful products.

Earlier this summer CPIA announced it will be a site sponsor in Canada’s countrywide Great Shoreline Cleanup to be held in September. In its 20-year history the cleanup drive has engaged more than 500,000 volunteers to remove litter from waterways.
“CPIA, a signatory to the Global Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter, is committed to continued efforts in Canada to reduce marine litter,” stated CPIA President and CEO Carol Hochu in a news release. “The Canadian plastics industry has a dozen projects complete or in progress to further recycling and recovery opportunities to reduce plastics entering the marine environment,” said CPIA vice president Cathy Cirko.

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