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UpGyres Joins the Intervene Community

UpGyres Joins the Intervene Community

Photocredit: Kay Wilson–Marine Photo Bank

23 December 2013, Vancouver, Canada – UpGyres, short for Upcycle the Gyres Society, is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to resolve the problems of plastics in the ocean.

Every year, about 20 million tons of plastics waste finds its way into the ocean and this is pressuring fish stocks and endangered wildlife, as well as polluting beaches.

The Intervene Community is a group of individuals and organisations that support the rapid transition to a sustainable global society.
The name comes from the title of the novel, Intervene, by author Guy Lane.

Intervene tells the story of Zem, the trillionaire spaceman who comes to Earth on a mission to save the environment.
Upgyres Project Director, José Luis Gutiérrez-García, says that his organisation is now promoting and selling the Intervene book with a proportion of the sale price being used to fund UpGyres’ remarkable work.

“Upgyres even got a cameo role in the book,” says José Luis, “Zem funds UpGyres equipment that harvests plastic from the ocean.”
Intervene is an international environmental story that seeks to kick-start a mass-awakening of the public, a phenomena that he refers to as the Great Intervention.
“Our global environmental and economic system needs fixing,” says Lane, “and so we invite individuals and organisations around the world to intervene.”

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