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Rising Sun Innovations and UpGyres Release Study

Rising Sun Innovations and UpGyres Release Study

Photocredit: Federico Steffenino–Marine Photo Bank

26 January 2014, Vancouver, Canada – Rising Sun Innovations & UpGyres are pleased to provide the study report on the Japanese plastic-to-fuel “Blest” machine in operation in Whitehorse; and findings of the marine plastic-to-fuel trials from the Clear the Coast 2013 summer beach cleanup program.

UpGyres is a uniquely positioned, technically and environmentally driven organization with a proven management team. We are committed to a regenerative approach to development with aggressive, cost-effective, zero-impact exploration potential for ocean remediation in all of the Marine Garbage Convergence Zones combined with our business model to transform oceanic waste-to-revenue streams; including growth of waste-to-oil reserves and production of low emissions fuel.

The references in this news release to test production of fuel from marine plastic pollution are useful in confirming that the feedstock is viable for conversion and utilization.

With the positive results from these reports, UpGyres will continue the evaluation of the quality of marine plastic derived fuel and its use in motor vehicle, generator, marine, light and heavy duty equipment engines and keep reporting on the findings.

The results from the machine’s performance and from the marine plastic conversion trials confirm the proof of concept that Upcycle the Gyres set out as a milestone for 2013; and establishes the organization to be the right fit to develop the new technologies and equipment needed for the recovery of plastics from the oceans and pioneering  the new industry of Marine Plastic Eco-Recovery, and Upcycling.

In a recent statement, Mr. Vittorio Prodi, member of the European Parliament wrote about marine plastic in the report Plastic waste in the environment: “Plastic garbage, from waste to resource. Given the density and dimension of the plastic island, it would be economically worthwhile to clean it up, to collect all that rubbish.

On the European Parliament resolution of January 14, 2014 for a European strategy on plastic waste in the environment, point number nine (9): “Calls for more public and private investment in research and technologies aimed at …  new technologies … needed for  …  recovery of plastics from oceans…”

Mr. Prodi’s statement and the European strategy resolution validate what UpGyres has been saying all along.

UpGyres is now focusing on the design, modelling, development and prototyping of a collection method to test in a controlled environment first and at high seas after a reasonable period.

The reports in their entirety can be read by clicking on the following links:

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