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Dr. Jindong Liu Joins Upcycle the Gyres Consortium

Dr. Jindong Liu Joins Upcycle the Gyres Consortium

Photocredit: Jordan McRae

6 July 2014, Vancouver, Canada – Upcycle the Gyres Society (UpGyres) is pleased to announce that PhD Doctor Jindong Liu has joined the consortium to design, model and develop UpGyres marine plastic collection Bio-Robot.

Dr. Liu is research associate at the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London where he works on natural human-robot speech interaction and healthcare mobile robots.

Dr. Liu’s interest is in the field of Biologically Inspired Mobile Robotics. His expertise is on mechanical design and embedded system design and control.

Dr. Liu’s work includes bio-mimetic mobile robots, including the modelling, simulation, sensor fusion, pattern recognition, and unsupervised learning of robots and will be providing his advice to the UpGyres Consortium on sensors for navigation and localization to collect contaminants by using bio-robotics.

Dr. Liu achieved his PhD in Robotics at the University of Essex in the U.K. His thesis was on Modelling and Online Optimization of Robotic Fish Behaviours.

Dr. Liu was the main team member to design and code a 3D robotic fish simulator in order to evaluate control algorithm and built a novel kinematical model for the bio-mimetic control in what eventually became the first autonomous robotic fish in the world.

In his thesis, Dr. Jindong Liu investigated the impact of reinforcement learning upon robotic fish behaviour, unsupervised learning and adaptive control upon mobile robots. Using an improved policy gradient reinforcement learning algorithm, a robotic fish can optimise its swimming parameters to achieve a larger turning angle.

UpGyres is developing a cost-effective, safe, durable and scalable ocean plastic cleanup Bio-Robot to deliver efficient, ecological and regenerative solutions for the recovery of discarded plastics from the ocean to transform the problem of marine plastic waste into an opportunity.

UpGyres is creating breakthrough technologies and equipment for collecting macro, meso, and micro plastics from the surface and water column of the global ocean with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, profitability and safety to wildlife; including plankton.

The work of Dr. Liu is critical in the integration of Biological Intelligence to UpGyres’ marine plastic harvesting concept and his participation demonstrates that the UpGyres Bio-Robot is feasible and essential to our environment.

Estimates range from 40 billion kilos or 88 billion pounds, to 142 billion kilos or 315 billion pounds of plastic waste swirling in the oceans; UpGyres is creating the right equipment and method to recover this resource; trash that will contribute revenues and added value by the hundreds of millions and create a modest amount of jobs at sea and ports while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and acidity levels in the oceans.

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