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Inventor Roy Wagner Joins Upcycle the Gyres Consortium

Inventor Roy Wagner Joins Upcycle the Gyres Consortium

Photocredit: Dieter Tracey –Marine Photo Bank

29 July 2014, Vancouver, Canada – Upcycle the Gyres Society (UpGyres) is pleased to announce that Roy Wagner has joined the consortium to design, model and develop zero emissions propulsion for marine plastic collection Bio-Robots and Floating Eco-Research Upcycling Facilities FERUFs.

Mr. Wagner is an expert on renewable energy, freshwater production methods and systems integration as well as the world energy marketplace.

Mr. Wagner is founder of the Canute Power Project, developing an innovative ocean renewable energy system that converts hydro-kinetic wave energy into a store-able form of energy compressed air. This potential energy can then be used directly for electricity and freshwater production.

An entrepreneur since the age of 12, Roy has 28 years’ experience in the construction industry in supervisory roles such as Project Manager, Sub contractor and Owner. He designs and builds things with a wide range of materials and techniques, and hands-on experience.

Roy’s interests include social entrepreneurship, sustainability, clean energy and affordable water and energy issues. Roy has been involved with several startups. Most recently, he was the Co-Founder of the Florida Non-profit Vibrant Community Development Inc. (VCD), the organization mentors and works closely with others in supporting sustainable businesses and providing employment opportunities for the homeless. VCD Inc. supports other Non-Profits and businesses, musicians, artists and art centers with similar sustainability goals such as food security, recycling, re-purposing and re-using.

Mr. Wagner was also Co-Founder of the General Contracting Company Green Building Co-operative LLC. The Green Building Co-operative specializes in deconstruction, re-using recycled materials and in solar panel installations.

The work of Mr. Wagner will help UpGyres correct the old idea that “the amount of fuel it would take to get ships out there to capture the plastic would emit so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that the pros of a cleanup are greatly reduced by the cons.”
Near Zero and Zero Emissions Fleet and ocean cleanup operations that reduce CO2 production from burning petro fuels will prove beneficial and helpful for all marine sectors and industries.

Estimates range from 40 billion kilos or 88 billion pounds, to 142 billion kilos or 315 billion pounds of plastic waste swirling in the oceans; UpGyres is creating the right equipment and methodology to recover this resource; trash that will contribute revenues and added value by the hundreds of millions and create a modest amount of jobs at sea and ports while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and acidity levels in the oceans.

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