UpGyres receives donation from the BCSLA | UPGYRES

UpGyres receives donation from the BCSLA

UpGyres receives donation from the BCSLA

On April 2, 2016; the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects awards Upcycle the Gyres Society with a collective donation from the Key Note Speakers at the 2016 Conference Shifting Currents; Rethinking our Relationships with Water.

Transcript of the speech to thank the BCSLA  by Upcycle the Gyres Project Director Jose Luis Gutierrez-Garcia:

“The purpose of Upcycle the Gyres Society is to improve the quality of water and air through renewable energy technologies and through the new waste-to-resource economy.

We are developing and implementing projects to convert:

  • washing and dryer machine lint into architectural and construction materials;
  • agricultural waste into biodegradable plastics; and
  • to retrofit conventional ships and vessels into 100% renewable energy powered marine vehicles.

We are very proud that our work attracted the attention of the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects and to be the recipient of your donation on behalf of the Key Note Speakers at the 2016 Conference Shifting Currents: Rethinking Our Relationships with Water.

I recently learned two very important lessons about our relationships with water.

One. I learned that science now clearly shows how being near, in, on, or under water makes us happier, healthier more connected and better at what we do. Science also shows that the highest increase in happiness in an outdoor environment occurs when people are near water.

We are connected with water and water connects us to each other.

Our connection with water goes beyond the economic, political and health implications of having and not having water and the connection even goes beyond our need for water to survive.

We Are Water.

Two. I learned that although newer and lesser known than green roofs, blue roofs are a nature-mimicking tool that help our urban watersheds by rethinking rainfall. Blue roofs drastically reduce the amount of untreated water that would otherwise flow down our gutters, into our storm drains, and out to sea.

Rethinking our relationships with water means rethinking our relationships with rainfall, waste, infrastructure and our relationships with celebrating our understanding that We Are Water.

On Saturday June 25, Upcycle the Gyres Society is hosting the 2016 Clean Up the Oceans Concert in Stanley Park. This is a cordial invitation to all of you to come celebrate with us.

Play; learn about micro plastic pollution and what we are doing to convert it into useful products, listen to local talent, eat great food, and drink Spirit Bear Coffee and beer and wine in the beer garden.

Together we can give back a healthy marine environment to people and sea wildlife.

Thank you very much.”

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