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Photocredit: Governor of Svalbard

Discard/Art Floating Exhibition on the Ortelius, Svalbard Norway Aug 28-Sep 4, 2015

Originally Published by Carol Devine

September 9, 2015

Art and objects made of garbage – from wood, tin cans, computer parts, fish and whale bones, textile discards, tires, lights and of course, plastics galore. 11 Artists/initiatives participate – a print of their work that floats along with us as a group of 120+ volunteers spend half their 7 day Svalbard journey picking up garbage. With Oceanwide Expeditions. I know the artists are photographers, sculptors, surfer/artists, designers, architects and more but I have no idea yet who are the people paying to help pick up garbage in the Norwegian archipelago.

The exhibition was inspired by one moving image – two reindeer entangled in fishing net, struggling to free themselves in Svalbard. Sveinung Råheim photographed them. He and his wife, on snowmobiles, decided to try to free them rather than know the’d slowly die.



Thank you everyone for being part of this and for your work raising awareness and making change. Local and global garbage problems are everyone’s business.



Seven night trip to the Arctic

January 26, 2015

Garbage from the ocean is piling up on the shores of Spitsbergen, Norway. UpGyres is promoting a seven night Trip to the Arctic from August 28 to September 4, 2015.

Sailing aboard M/V Ortelius in beautiful fjords dominated by spectacular glaciers and cliffs, the expedition includes on-board lectures from science experts and cleaning the shores in North Spitsbergen and Nordaustlandet with the help of the passengers for the first three days of the voyage.

During the last three days of the expedition we will sail into the pack-ice looking for Polar Bears and make landings to see other Arctic wildlife like walruses, seals and whales.

Supported by the Arctic Expedition Cruise Organization AECO, and the Governor of Svalbard, Cleaning the Shores Polar Bear Special brings the garbage collected during the voyage to the incinerator in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen.

Book with UpGyres and help us divert the plastic recovered during the expedition from incineration and instead, produce low emissions fuel for use at ports and in vessels in the Arctic.

North Spitsbergen  Cleaning the shoresPolar Bear Special   Pricing & Day to Day Itinerary

Ortelius in Spitsbergen (c) Wouter Kaandorp-oceanwide expeditions 2 OTL15 North Spitsbergen_Polar Bear Special 2015 Clean Up Svalbard -® Courtesy of Governor of Svalbard (3)


Projects | Arctic | Educate | Prevent | Recover Ocean Plastic | Z Ships

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