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Photocredit: Camden Howitt–Marine Photo Bank

UpGyres – short for Upcycle the Gyres Society – is on a mission to make the ocean a plastic-free zone.

Donate to support our work. By donating to UpGyres, you become an integral FUNDER of practical solutions to this worldwide problem.

Thank you for your participation in PREVENTING and RECOVERING plastic pollution that is currently damaging the oceans.

Your contribution is gratefully appreciated.

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Transforming Plastic Pollution to Regenerate the Oceans

Recovering plastic pollution that affects the living environment of marine organisms benefits our beaches, fisheries, tourism and seafood source. This is vitally necessary and very possible.

Your financial support will be used to:

      1. Creating plastic harvesting equipment, technology and methodology to remove micro, meso and macro plastic waste from the high-seas.
      2. Developing methods to intercept, capture and extract microplastics in quantifiable amounts from ship’s greywater prior to discharge. 
      3. Implementing ways to turn marine plastic pollution into resources and revenue streams to make restoring the oceans financially sustainable.

Donate | Donation FAQ | Thank You 

Thank you for your interest in UpGyres work Please contact us when:
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