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Thank You List

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Photocredit: Jordan McRae

The following people and organizations have supported UpGyres with donations and contributions.

Thank you very much to:

Brian Eby

Anne Bailey

Klaus Mager, Food for Thought

EarthSea Interpretations

Annette Løwe

Max Finder

Alejandro Bracht

Andrew Scharfenberg

Judith Torchuk

Brad Skeeles

Ralph Jansen

Frank Schaer

Whole Earth Technologies

David Schimdt

Ole Kjelmann

David Underhill

Denny Schwartz

Scotty Zeitgeist

David Cameron

Dive Seychelles Underwater Centre

Farid Vaziri

Photography Credits

The images on this site are the property of the photographers and can not be used without their consent.

UpGyres extends a warm thank you to all the photographers who have generously shared their photography on our website, including:

Recurring Donation

One Time Contribution

Donate | Donation FAQ | Thank You 

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