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GreenSeeds Music Society is a society of musicians, artists, and teachers collaborating to produce environmentally-themed children’ songs and stories.

GreenSeeds Music Society is a collaborative project among musicians, artists, and teachers to create environmentally-themed educational materials using songs, visual material, and drama.

The purpose of the Society is to raise awareness about environmental problems by encouraging youth to think about healthier, more sustainable ways of living.

The Society aims to highlight the need for these changes in two ways: by creating environmentally-themed teaching materials, and by engaging youth in various age-appropriate activities using drama and/or hands-on projects that incorporate green techniques and practices.

At the 2016 Clean Up the Oceans Concert GreenSeeds Music Society is hosting a Kid’s Corner : Learning about the Earth and Climate Change

8 session topics based on the song “We Are the Earth”:

Session 1: Why the Earth is Special

Session 2: Learning about Rivers, Lakes and Oceans

Session 3: Leaning about What lives in Water

Session 4: Learning about Garbage Patches and Deadzones

Session 5: Dealing with Plastic Waste

Session 6: Overconsumption and Humanity’s Impact

Session 7: Exploring Sustainable Options

Session 8: Arriving to Conclusions

Visit their Website: GreenSeeds Music Society

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  • Co-Founder and Project Director
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