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José Luis Gutiérrez García

Short Biography: Jose Luis Gutierrez Garcia, UpGyres Project Director

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Position: Co-Founder and Project Director
Location: North Vancouver, Canada
Public Profile:

Jose Luis

In 2011, Mr. Gutiérrez-García held the Chair of the Sustainability Committee for a remote gold mining operation in the Arctic.

Prior to founding Upcycle the Gyres Society in 2012, José Luis achieved a Master Certificate in Sustainable Supply Chain Management and a Certificate in Corporate and Environmental Sustainability from the University of San Francisco.

In 2014 Jose Luis successfully completed the course Oceans Solutions from the University of Western Australia.

José Luis is Principal at Motoca Eco-Effective, Integrated & Holistic Regenerative System Solutions, a pioneering company advocating for a “Regenerative Approach to Development in Resource Intensive Industries”.

Mr. Gutiérrez-García’s writing on transforming mining and marine plastic waste into revenue streams has been published in magazines such as Nature Canada, Business Excellence, CleanTech Loops and Ship&Offshore.

Website: Motoca

About | Vision/Mission | Principles | Strategy | Team | Partners | Events | Press


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