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Juan Pablo Maureira Poveda

Short Biography: Juan Pablo Maureira Poveda

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Position: Director of the Board
Location: Dieste, Belgium
Public Profile: linkedin.com/in/juan-pablo-maureira
Contact: juanpablo@upgyres.org

Juan Pablo is a Belgian-Ecuadorian mechanical engineer who holds a master’s degree in Industrial Management with a specialization in Environment, Safety and Energy from KU Leuven (the European Capital of Innovation 2020).

Juan Pablo has always been passionate about renewable energy and sustainability. At university, he designed a solar cocoa bean dryer to help small cocoa producers improve their products’ quality.

Mr. Maureira Poveda started his professional career as a Concept Engineer in Europe, where he led the design and production of a state-of-the-art wind turbine for industrial applications. Belgium, Canada, Italy and Spain use this design. Afterwards, Juan Pablo moved into Technical Management Advisory, where he has been working for more than a decade assisting public and private organizations in Europe and Latin America.

Juan Pablo is Director at ENERGIQA bv, working to make sustainability a competitive advantage. ENERGIQA provideS solutions that improve sustainability and increase the profitability of our clients. We do this by integrating our scientific, technical and financial knowledge and expertise on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Juan Pablo is a member of the Board of Directors of ZShips International CCC Ltd (sustainable maritime transport) since 2015. As Technology Director, Mr. Maureira Poveda is responsible for defining and executing ZShips´ business strategy. Juan Pablo is actively involved in the decision-making process. He assesses potential partnerships among his tasks and establishes communication channels with potential clients, partners, and suppliers.

Website: ENERGIQA bv

About | Vision/Mission | Principles | Strategy | Team | Partners | Events | Press

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