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Laurent Herve Selles

Short Biography: Laurent Herve Selles

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Position: Director of the Board
Location: Annecy Le Vieux, France
Public Profile:

Laurent is a French expert in intellectual property-to-market. Mr. Selles spent over 35 years inventing, delivering and rolling-out technologies with a track record in early-stage cutting edge & dual technologies within the energy, water and material sectors globally. Laurent invented a 10 step method going from invention to innovation through IP analysis, added value calibration, search for global clients and adequate business models to Technology Incubator and Financing. Laurent is a Member of the Board of Advisors of WIPO Green (part of the World Intellectual Property Organization) based in Geneva since 2015.

Laurent is an independent intake officer for several trade desks (fixed income, high yield programs). His approach to project financing from scratch is with Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) and alternative finance by trading cash, financial instruments and historical assets.

Mr. Selles is the CEO of Patenterprise Technologies Holding, marketing very early-stage disruptive technologies within the energy, optical and water sectors and the Director of Investment at ZShips International CCC Ltd, zero-fuel, zero-emissions commercial ships.


About | Vision/Mission | Principles | Strategy | Team | Partners | Events | Press

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