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One More Generation (OMG) was founded in 2009 by 8 year old Carter Ries and his 7 year old sister Olivia Ries. Carter and Olivia are both extremely passionate about animals and conservation. Following the adoption of Cheetahs in South Africa, Carter and Olivia began to question why humans would need to adopt wild animals like the cheetah. Carter and Olivia soon learned of the pressing issues surrounding endangered species, and knew they had to act.

Quickly following the establishment of One More Generation, they learned that in order to save endangered species, they had to protect the planet on which we all live.

Olivia and Carter believe that children have the power to solve the issues of endangered species and threats to the environment.

Environmental Conservation Initiatives:

Plastic and Recycling Awareness Curriculum
Environmental Conservation Seminars
Plastic Awareness Coalition
Plastic Awareness Information: All Things Plastic
Environmental Conservation Blog Posts

About | Vision/Mission | Principles | Strategy | Team | Partners | Events | Press

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