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WHY: Your washer and dryer are sources of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

HOW: Laundry textile waste (lint) is a resource that will contribute to the Blue and Circular Economies; generate jobs, clean up which in turn will help the environment to recover and produce valuable products and multiple revenue streams.

WHAT: A new venture that works jointly with industry programs to commercialize washing machine lint traps and design and implement a closed-loop, lint recovery and reutilization system.

The Problem

When we wash our clothing, most lint ends up in the sewage through the water discharge. Scientists report that household washing machines seem to be a major source of recently termed “plastic smog,” micro plastic pollution detected on ocean shorelines worldwide. On average, hundreds of thousands of micro plastic fibres -such as bits of polyester and acrylic smaller than the head of a pin- can be discarded by one single synthetic item during one wash.

Marine life ingests these micro plastics and perish.

Fish ingest these micro plastics and end up on our plates.

Additionally, after you throw out the lint captured by your dryer, the waste is sometimes incinerated along with other garbage you’ve thrown out. Other dryer machine waste ends up in the landfill; organic components such as cotton and wool will release greenhouse gases as they biodegrade.

The Solution

UpGyres PROVIDES a scientific, integrative and regenerative Plastic Smog Emissions Closed Loop System.

UpGyres Closed Loop System PREVENTS “plastic smog” from polluting Our Ocean and creates high value products and textiles.

UpGyres recovers micro fibres and wastewater resources and turns Plastic Smog into money.


2017 Think Beyond Plastic New Plastics Economy Investor Forum & Innovation Showcase. New York City.
2016 Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Competition: Winner – Microplastic Waste to Resource

2016 Our Ocean Conference: Presenter – Microplastic Waste to Resource


2016 World Ethical Apparel Roundtable: Presenter & Panelist – MATERIALS FUTURE, INNOVATION IN TEXTILES

PREVENT Plastic Smog Emissions Closed Loop System Products and Services

PREVENT Road Map & Approach

Future customers for Microbe-degradable additive:

  • Manufacturers of disposable and durable plastics
  • Manufacturers of man made fibres

Future customers for Nanoflotation filtration:

  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Textile Washing Operators
  • Maritime Industry
    • Cargo, Cruise ships, FPSO

Future customers for lint traps:

  • Commercial Laundromats
  • Outdoor clothing and accessory stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Health food stores
  • Residential washing machine owners
  • Supermarket chain stores
  • Washing machine manufacturers
  • Fashion retailers
  • Shipping and Cruise Line industries

Future customers for yarn made from lint:

  • Sports and Outdoor Clothing Lines
  • Commercial and Institutional Clothing
  • Eco friendly Haute Couture Fashion Designers
  • Construction and Architecture to use micro plastic particles in composites and biocomposites
  • Industry:
    • Automotive, Shipping, Cruise Line, Aviation, Building Insulation, Hospitality, Furniture Upholstery, Food & Beverage


    UpGyres Closed Loop System Suppliers
    UpGyres Closed Loop System Team


    Plastic Smog Emissions Closed Loop System Technology and Service Providers

    Bio-Tec Environmental LLC. A leader in biodegradable plastics technology, committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world with proprietary, organic plastic end-of-life solution.

    David Bromley Engineering Ltd., a company with 36 years of expertise in industrial site reclamation and sustainable community development. DBE is also a well regarded company for its expertise in water recovery and reuse technology.

    Environmental Enhancements, designed and manufactures the Lint LUV-R Washing Machine Discharge Filter.

    PMO polymer business intelligence, top consulting service to enable the sustainable innovation process development through a dynamic creative quantification approach.

    Dunder Koch Arquitecture, specialist in high performance materials. Focused on innovation and sustainability. Designer of bricks or slates potentially made from lint and wood composite.

    Opcycle, uses innovative recycling platforms to foster community and economic development in areas with limited access to markets and materials. Opcycle focuses on creating custom made solutions with low technical requirements that can be community run and that are adapted for each case.


    Plastic Smog Emissions Closed Loop System Team

    Laura Burkett, Vice President of Business Development at Bio-Tec Environmental, LLC., develops creative outreach strategies; identifies new products for business development and company success; oversees operations and company direction using biodegradation enhancing technology.

    David Bromley, Engineer with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering specializing in water and waste-water treatment, inventor of Nanoflotation filtration. Responsible for the deployment and operations of the Nanoflotation filtration system.

    Blair Jollimore, Mechanical engineer, inventor of the Lint-LUVR washing machine discharge filter.

    Liliana Rubio, Chemical Engineer, Innovation Management coach, Specialist in polymer and sustainable materials; founder of PMO Polymer Business Intelligence, a Project Management Office located in São Paulo-Brazil, dedicated to  project management consulting, mentoring,  covering project  planning, implementation and execution through a front-to-end dynamic approach.

    Karina Dunder Koch, Owner of Dunder Koch Architecture. Architect & Urbanism master in Sustainability Design. Over 15 years of experience in domestic and corporate projects as restaurants, schools, hospital. Author of a new methodology for green building projects, author of articles on the magazine Arquitetura & Construção, author of the project for an Interior Architecture and active participant in 3ª Edition of São Paulo Design Weekend, the main trade show in Latin America.

    Colin Jacob, Recycling and Waste Management Specialist doing research on post-consumer plastic waste. Colin is helping material recovery facilities gather relevant data on plastic streams and develop tools to assess their overall quality. He is founder of Opcycle and particularly interested in marine pollution by plastic debris, as well as waste management challenges faced by isolated and insular communities.


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