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Blended Value

Blended Value. While  organizations aim  to create value of one kind or another, the central premise of  the blended value proposition is that value is itself a combined “blend” of economic, environmental and social factors.  Maximizing value requires taking all three elements into account.

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Blue Economy

Blue Economy. For 183 coastal countries  (50% of the global population) including 52 Small Island Developing States (SIDS), a healthy marine environment is critical  for a viable economy. Green economy will rely on sustainable management of oceans and coasts, protection of marine ecosystems, and the conservation of marine resources.  This is called a ‘blue economy’ approach, implying that green economy and sustainable development must include a focus on  benefits  of the marine environment to coastal communities, and in particular for SIDS and developing countries.

The Monaco Workshop focuses on three themes, food security, energy, and tourism, all critical in advancing sustainable oceans governance for use in the context of both the “green” and ‘blue’ economy.

With global demands for fuel and pollution remediation of the oceans, UpGyres merges both solution and problem into strategy to develop the blue economy.

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Board of Change

Board of Change. The Board of Change is an inclusive, not-for-profit organizational network that exists to develop and foster a new economic model that values the balance of sustainability  with the pursuit of profit.

 Upcycle the Gyres Society is a proud Member of  The Board of Change.






Circle Economy

The Circle Economy is a community that shares a vision of sustainability, and commit themselves to realizing this vision.

The Circle Economy inspires, connects and changes individuals, small and large companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations to redesign their lives, business models and production processes in accordance with the following principles:

1. Energy and Resources.

  • Limit the use of resources
  • Design for upcycle-ability
  • Energy from renewable resources

2. Systems thinking and Ecosystems.

  • The ability to understand how things influence one another within a whole
  • Diverse systems with many connections and scales are more resilient in face of external shocks
  • Preserve and restore natural balance

3. Waste is food.

  • Waste doesn’t exist
  • Make use of pure materials, biological and technical components (nutrients) of a product are designed to fit within a material cycle, use of pure materials and design for disassembly and repurposing

4. Social and Welfare.

  • Protect and restore the rights of people (and animals) to dignity

Collaboration Economy

We Not Me

Individual companies no longer control, but now can only influence, their own destinies.

Collaboration across the private, public, and social sectors is our best shot at achieving sustainable development.

Collaboration across sectors can lead to increased prosperity for all that addresses our most vexing challenges.

The Collaboration Economy describes a situation in which “the interest of the commons now affects the common interest.”



About | Vision/Mission | Principles | Strategy | Team | Partners | Events | Press

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