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For the nerd in all of you, we've built a new command line tool to spin up projects fast and added Libsass, speeding up your SCSS changes by 5X.

Projects | Arctic | Educate | Prevent | Recover Ocean Plastic | Z Ships

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Environmental and health concerns today, and in the future, will inevitably require the physical clean-up of marine plastic deposits and their resulting damaging ramifications.

Each one of UpGyres project-solutions is a single, autonomous, self-sufficient unit, that is, at the same time, connected to the other single, autonomous, self-sufficient solutions; and all together, they contribute to fulfill UpGyres work and mission.  Proper analogies would be to think of a human cell’s relationship to other cells and their individual and collective relationship to the entire body, or a whale pod feeding together or a penguin huddle to keep warm.

The goals of every and all of UpGyres projects are to stop plastic from being wasted; elimination and remediation of air and water pollution; and to recover and benefit from existing discarded resources.

Please Donate Now! Help our mission to eliminate ocean pollution.


Projects | Arctic | Educate | Prevent | Recover Ocean Plastic | Z Ships

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