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Photo credit: Wanda Bodnar–Marine Photo Bank

Did you know?
Clothes and washing machines are one of the major sources of plastic pollution in the oceans.

“Studies indicate that a single polyester jacket can shed 1 million to 10 million fibres with each laundering,” into the water where they absorb toxins and get eaten by fish.

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In July 2015, marine researchers established that “oceanic plastic pollution is not a patch, a soup, or an island”. Marine plastic pollution is best defined as aquatic plastic smog.

UpGyres immediately got to work to stop micro-fibres from synthetic clothing from polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans by intercepting and diverting washing machine lint from the sewage system and from marine vehicles’ wastewater discharges.

The UpGyres Plastic Smog Emissions Closed Loop System -PSECLS- will protect local and global water resources with our campaign aimed at water quality and related microplastic pollution issues from residential, commercial, industrial and maritime laundry waste water.






PSECLS engages communities, municipalities and the provincial and federal governments in the protection of our coastal waters by working together to stop micro-fibre pollution at source.

The Goal of the Plastic Smog Emissions Closed Loop System is three-fold:

1. Install filters on residential, commercial and marine vehicles’ washing machines.

2. Intercepting and recovering microplastic particles (fibres and beads) at wastewater treatment plants and

3. Intercepting and recovering microfibers at industrial textile washing and drying facilities.

As part of our collective effort to prevent microplastic pollution of the oceans, the program will re-enter washing and dryer machine lint into the economy by converting it into resources:

Municipalities, the Fashion, Apparel and Textile Industry, Port Authorities and governments will be engaged to take the findings of our project and use them proactively to prevent, compensate, ameliorate or adapt to changes in the state of the environment by seeking to:

•Control drivers and pressures from the supply and demand of synthetic clothing through regulation, prevention, or mitigation including textile design.
•Directly maintain or restore the state of the environment.


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Campaigns | Stop Plastic Smog | Beat the Microbead | Return the Microbead 

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