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Andy Lera

Andy Lera

Location: Whitehorse, Canada
Public Profile:

Andy is a Certified Passive House Consultant, Inventor. With over 10 years’ experience in fabrication, innovations and inventions, he is the CEO of Rising Sun Innovations. Rising Sun Innovations was incorporated in 2008 with the goal to provide innovative solutions to problems facing residents in northern climates.

With long distances to markets and extreme cold climates, northerners face challenges that other areas do not experience; from house construction to waste diversion.

Andy is interested in conversion of waste materials into usable products. There exists an enormous potential to divert waste from the landfill and reprocess it in to usable products or forms of energy. “Mining the dumps” may be in our future as traditional energy sources become more scarce and expensive.

Currently Andy is the project manager for the Whitehorse, Yukon plastic to oil project. He is a trained supervisor on the Japanese technology Blest B-240/NVG-200 machine. He implemented modifications to the machine in order to allow for cold weather usage. Over the coming months, he will be conducting feedstock, oil and emissions testing on the machine.

Andy’s most recent accomplishments include:
-Inventing, designing and fabricating an improved core for a heat recovery ventilation device
-Designing and building Passive Houses in Northern Canada
-Design and prototyping super insulated window frames and doors
-Modifications of machinery for extreme climate conditions
-Feasibility study and implementation of Yukon Plastic to Oil machine

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