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Dr. Martin Blake

Dr. Martin Blake

Location: Singapore, Singapore
Public Profile: http://sg.linkedin.com/in/martinblake

Dr. Blake is an internationally recognized sustainability expert and a Professor of Sustainable Business Development with a working portfolio of board directorships, advisory roles and keynote speaking engagements throughout Asia, Australia, the USA and Europe. He is highly valued for his innovative business strategies which save money, save energy and support businesses to add value to the triple bottom line: people, profit and planet.

Named one of the Top 100 Global Sustainability Leaders of 2011, Martin is at the forefront of a generation of change agents who know that profitable business practice is enhanced by a more intelligent use of natural resources to create resilient businesses for the 21st century.

Martin is a visionary thought leader with a passion and commitment to sustainable development who also understands day-to-day commercial and operational pressures.

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