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Photocredit: Alana Yurkanin–Marine Photo Bank

Volunteer – Donate Your Time

Help PREVENT and CLEAN UP plastic pollution, and pass this message on to your friends, family, classmates, colleagues, partners and co-workers. Contact joseluis@upgyres.org

Volunteer opportunities include:

      • SEASONAL – 2016 Clean Up the Oceans Concert Volunteers. Specific duties include:
        • Volunteer Team to direct set up of the stage and infrastructure
        • Volunteer Team to set up and direct concert guests, clean up and to be waste stream separation ambassadors


      • FULL TIME – Accountant. Specific duties include:
        • Tacking and managing donations
        • Create contribution statements
        • Managing money in designated funds
        • Creating cash flow and expense reports
        • Record-keeping that meets provincial and federal tax and nonprofit regulations
        • Communicating with UpGyres board members, vendors, community donors and others



Yimeng (Amy) Cao


Thank you for your interest in UpGyres work Please contact us when:
  • You have any questions or concerns
  • You want to become a Sponsor
  • You want to become a Volunteer
Contact Us
  • José Luis Gutiérrez-García
  • Co-Founder and Project Director
  • joseluis@upgyres.org
  • (01) + 604.984.4327
  • 1.877.580.9725