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Xwa-lack-tun is an artist whose works are recognized internationally.

Xwalacktun (Rick Harry) O.B.C., is an artist whose works are recognized internationally. Many may recognize him from Sesame Street or may have seen him on BCTV.

Healing and growth have become a central theme around the work Xwalacktun does. He feels we all have a role to play in ensuring that we strike an environmental balance as we move into a future, at which he chooses to look with considerable optimism.

In the year 2001 he was invited to Scotland to promote the country’s totem pole project and returned in 2002, 2003 and 2005 to travel Scotland demonstrating his unique carving techniques.

A multi-million dollar home in Whistler featuring Xwalacktun’s four carved house posts received a 2002 Gold Georgie Award for Best Custom Builder in BC and Best Single Family Detached Home 3500 Square Feet And Over.

In 2005 he received an honourable award from the North Vancouver Arts Council which acknowledged his contributions both locally and world-wide.

In 2009, Xwalacktun was asked to be a contributing artist for Simon Fraser University’s A Journey Into Time Immemorial, an interactive website based on traditional Salish culture.

In 2010, Xwalacktun worked on designs for the Vancouver/Whistler Winter Olympic Bid. Design work included initial icon development and laser etched designs created especially for the 2010 Bid Box.

On September 6, 2012, Xwalacktun was recipient of the Order of B.C. at a ceremony in Victoria, British Columbia.

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