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 Z Ships International Community Contribution Company Ltd.

We are inviting investors and partners to join us.

Zero Fuel, Zero Fuel Costs, Zero Emissions, 100% renewable energy commercial vessel retrofits and new builds.


Fifteen of the largest ships in the world emit as much nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide as all of the 760 million cars on the planet.

At Z Ships we believe that carbon neutral and carbon negative growth is possible in global marine transportation. ZShips is changing the fuel conversation for commercial vessels and fleets.

By operating zero emissions ships with zero ongoing fuel costs, the maritime industry will transition from the polluting fossil fuel powered ships of today into the clean energy ships of tomorrow and it will set the industry on a steady path toward emission elimination and positive economic and environmental impact.

Our technology is suitable for low speed, displacement hulled vessels of 30 meters (98.4 ft) long and over. The longer the ship the more area we have to work with and the more power we can produce.

Superyachts, Ferries, Research, Fishing, Handysize, Handymax, Panamax, Neo-Panamax, all are excellent candidates to become Zero Emissions Vessels.

ZShips is going straight to zero avoiding expensive incrementalism, replacing conventional (fossil) and alternative liquid or gaseous fuels with renewable energy, electricity, and storage to provide 100% fuel cost savings, unlimited range travel with ZERO EMISSIONS, cutting underwater noise and vibrations and reduced harm to marine life and environment.

ZShips will be instrumental in helping the maritime transportation industry keep air and waters clean and healthy at ports and high seas.

We are inviting leaders like you to champion and support our approach.


December 6, 2017: ZShips International CCC Ltd launches its own Website


November 24, 2017: ZShips International CCC Ltd becomes a member of the World Alliance established by the Solar Impulse Foundation for Efficient, Clean, and Profitable solutions to protect the environment


October 10, 2017: Zero Emission Ships. Research and Innovation on Wave & Tidal Energy Network Magazine


August 2, 2017; Wave Energy Concept Ready for Ship Propulsion. By The Maritime Executive


April 10, 2017; ZShips, Zero Emissions Vessels; 100% renewable energy for propulsion and auxiliary power of watercraft is in the Top 20 Ideas of Our Ocean Challenge (OOC) 2016/2017.


May 28, 2015; ZShips was one of 5 finalists presenting new ocean ventures at Our Oceans Challenge (OOC) Demo Day as part of the Aerospace Meets Maritime Event that took place in the Duurzaamheidsfabriek in Dordrecht, Netherlands.

The final entrepreneurs were selected by the OOC coalition of partners from a total of 88 business concepts shared in 2014.

During the Demo Day, ZShips shared our investment-ready business plan with the rest of the world.


May 27, 2015; ZShips International CCC Ltd., was registered and incorporated in Vancouver Canada as a Community Contribution Company (CCC), which is the equivalent to a B-Corp in the United States and Europe.

ZSHIPS Objective 

To support development focused on regenerative benefits to the global ocean and to coastal communities.

ZSHIPS Mission

To promote and implement the use of new technologies to prevent air and water pollution for the improvement of human and marine health.


Demonstrate the economic viability of commercial vessels powered by renewable energy.

Design, and manage the retrofitting of existing vessels and build new private and commercial watercraft that will be profitable, provide environmental benefits and facilitate a balanced relationship with the marine ecosystem.


Jan 30, 2015; Our Oceans Challenge announces that UpGyres new ocean venture Z Ships -Zero Emissions Vessels- is moving to the final Demonstration Day.

OOC logo for Z Ships

We believe your idea contributes to our mission to use our oceans in a sustainable way and/or as a sustainable resource. We are very happy to have you onboard and are looking forward to working with you and create impact together -Seriena Bal OOC.-

  1. Zero Emissions ships, vessels, and boats operate with renewable energy sources, without producing emissions.
  2. Zero Fossil Fuel ships, vessels, and boats operate without the need for fuels derived from non-renewable sources such as petroleum and natural gas.
  3. Zero Waste ships, vessels and boats utilize the waste they generate to produce the energy they need with state of the art waste-to-energy equipment.
  4. Zero Ballast Water ships and vessels operate with nature-inspired intelligence to regulate buoyancy and eliminate the threats posed by invasive aquatic species in the ballast water of ships and vessels around the world.
  5. Zero Pollution ships, vessels, and boats operate with proper collection and recycling of hazardous waste, treatment of bilge water and reduction of noise.

WHY: To reduce and eliminate global air, water and noise pollution from human activities at sea.

HOW: We will combine proven and cost-effective solar and wind technologies and energy storage systems with emerging magnetic engine generators and with our proprietary wave to electricity technology to replace internal combustion engines and eliminate fossil fuel consumption on commercial marine vehicles.

WHAT: Z Ships International Community Contribution Company Ltd.; a new ocean venture in a joint industry program to design, retrofit, build and market zero emissions, zero fossil fuel, zero waste, zero ballast water and zero pollution ships, vessels and fleets.


Projects | Arctic | Educate | Prevent | Recover Ocean Plastic | Z Ships

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