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On a mission to make the ocean a plastic-free zone.


About Our Organization

UpGyres will be instrumental in the design, construction, and operation of new equipment and technology to harvest oceanic plastic and Floating Eco Research-Upcycling Facilities to transform plastic waste into resource and revenue streams at high seas.

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UpGyres informs industries, businesses, schools, governments, communities and individuals that plastic is too valuable to waste and that it does not belong in the ocean.

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UpGyres and its partners are at the research and development stage for recovering waste microfibres from washing machine effluent. We support the banning of microplastics as ingredient in consumer products.

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Recover Ocean Plastic

In 2013, UpGyres' partners recovered over two tonnes of marine plastic from the shorelines of Northern Vancouver Island. We used 200 kilos as feedstock to convert into crude plastioil.

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  • Partners

  • Partners

    365Playground Management

    In cooperation with its partners, including Upcycle the Gyres Society, 365Playground Management supports People and Planet with actions towards clean oceans & renewable resources. With a global presence and award-winning results, 365Playground offers clients tailor-made hospitality solutions. 365Playground specializes in pre-opening, product & brand development, operational or asset management to independent owners and international management companies trying to achieve niche and unique goals. Dedicated to innovation as well as social & environmental responsibility, 365Playground focuses on tourism, hotel, resort, spa, residential, sports club and educational projects worldwide. Mr. Martin Michalik, Founder and Managing Director of 365Playground is a Member of the UpGyres Board of Directors, representing the Society and helping it develop a network of support within the hospitality and tourism industry internationally. Learn more on their website.

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    Plastic Oceans Foundation

    Plastic pollution in our oceans has become a global catastrophe. In the past 10 years, we have produced more plastic than in the 100 years before that. The impact on wildlife, the environment, and human health is only now becoming clear. Dedicated to raising awareness on issues stemming from marine plastic, Plastic Oceans Foundation emphasizes the interaction between humans and the ocean. By 2020, we aim to transform how consumers, governments, and businesses view, use, and dispose of plastic. Plastic Oceans Foundation (POF) is developing a portfolio of film and media, exhibitions, performances, and experiences to raise awareness, educate, and engage audiences across the globe. Learn more on their website.

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    One More Generation

    We believe that all living creatures deserve the opportunity to leave behind a legacy. It is our responsibility to stand up and take action for the creatures that cannot protect their own kind. Our founders encourage everyone, especially youngsters, to play a part in the positive impacts we can have on the world and the living creatures within it. It is One More Generation’s mission to ensure that the children of tomorrow have the opportunity to walk alongside each of our living species of today. Learn more on their website.

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